Internet Services Consulting

Break out of frames

At Kelley Designs we want to help you to understand. Web Consulting is for companies and individuals that need assistance working with the web. There is so much flux on the internet today that it is difficult for anyone to keep up. That's where a Web Consultant comes in, They can help you understand all the new internet technologies that become available every month. Many companies can't afford to have their employees surfing the web for hours at a time just to get an idea of what is new, what their competition is doing, or what is hot out there this week.

Kelley Designs studies the World Wide Web for new technologies everyday. We learn what's new and how to use the latest technologies to your advantage. When you hire us for your Web Consulting needs, we will show you how to improve your web presence, increase traffic to your web site and teach you how to do it all yourself. We can train you and your staff on the tricks of the trade to make your site more efficient and viable. We'll show how to turn your website into a money maker and how to do business on the web.

After just a few hours of talking to us, you will not only know the simplest tricks that will create the biggest difference in your web site, but you will see the web in a whole new light. By offering affordable web consultations to our clients, it has become the fastest growing solution at Kelley Designs.