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Our Marketing Strategies help you plan and create an online presence that is more than just a web site. Web sites are just one piece of your overall marketing strategy that can help you realize some of your business goals.

An innovative and cohesive web site combined with other online tools can generate a high degree of visibility for your company that is necessary to increase your sales, or business to business contacts. We know you will find "Kelley Designs" to be priced right for the small and medium sized business.


1. Your competition is probably already on the web.
2. More cost effective than newspaper, radio, or television advertising.
3. Provides convenient, 24 hour, 7 day a week, centralized information access.
4. Visibility to tens of millions of people (with an average annual household income of $65,000)
5. Increases productivity and reduces expenses.
6. Improves service to customers.
7. Conveys a professional image of your company.
8. Reduces staff workload.
9. For a small investment, it levels the playing field with larger companies.
10. It is where people now look to have their product needs met.

Three Ways to Grow a Business
Dale Chambers

Any way that you cut it, there are only 3 ways to grow a business.

  1. Increase the number of customers
  2. Increase the average purchase
  3. Increase the average frequency of purchase

No matter what your product or service, these are the only ways that your business can grow.  Think about it! You can't come up with any other means, because anything you do relates in some way to one of these three key points.

Frequently, when we talk about "growing" a business, we tend to focus on item #1.  How do I get more customers? more clients? more prospects? And those are excellent questions. Every entrepreneur should be asking that question on a regular and consistent basis.

BUT ... don't neglect the other two, for they are just as important, and when all three are considered synergistically, they become vital. Let me show you what I mean.

Let's say you sell "widgets". Your widget sells for $10 each. Your average customer purchases 10 widgets per month, or 12 times per year. For example sake, let's say you have 100 widget buying customers that make up your "average widget buyer".

You earn (gross) 100 customers X  $100 in widgets X 12 months = $120,000 per year.

If you increase your customers by a factor of 10%, (that's why you're here, isn't it. To learn how to use the web to radically increase your number of customers?)  Well, we won't go for "radical" yet, just a modest, attainable 10% increase. This means instead of 100 customers, you have managed to increase it to 110! Now when you do the math, you can see that you now gross $132,000 instead of the $120,000 in our previous example. Eh,  not bad, but not earth shattering either.

Look at this, however. What if you were to increase across the board at a rate of 10%. (That's less than 1% per month) Now look at the numbers:  110 customers  X   $110 in widgets X 13.2 purchases =
$159,720 per year. An astounding 33% increase in revenue, just by increasing all the numbers by a modest 10%.

Can you see how the web can be an ideal environment to increase in all three areas, number of customers, average purchase amount, and increasing the frequency of purchase?

But for now, don't just think about how you can get more customers. Give some consideration to increasing the average and frequency of purchase, and watch your business soar!

The Internet is no longer just a place to advertise your wares, but a crucial medium to market your products and services. Allow Kelley Designs to create an on-line presence that will not only provide your company with a professional looking web site, but as another tool for marketing your products and services to the entire world.